When The Feathers Fall

It is nearly 2am.

I am still wide awake.

It seems to be one of those nights where my mind is in overdrive, and I just can’t sleep.

I’m catching up on Mad Men and sipping a glass of white wine, hoping that will lull me into a few hours of restful sleep.

There are so many things swirling in my head, all mixed up and jumbled up together.

I’m trying to look into the future, although I have no idea what it holds right now.

The past six… nine… twelve months… have tested me and pushed me to my limits.

I think I know where I am headed, and what I want.  Yet sometimes I feel so utterly lost.

There are so many things I want to do, and yet I don’t know how to make them happen.

I sit back and look at myself right now, and I see a disaster.

Ruffled feathers being held in place by cheap band aids.

The feathers are still going to fall, as soon as the glue on the band aid fails.

It’s all just a matter of time.

When The Feathers Fall


Shout It Out Loud

May Health starts tomorrow, and I am pretty darn excited!

Last year, I participated in May Health for the first time.  I was competely blown away at the outpouring of support from all of the other May Health participants.  Especially Mark and Julie.  I went into it with two goals.

Stop drinking coffee and be active every day.May Health

I am happy to report I stopped the coffee drinking for several months, and was active almost every day in May.

The amazing thing was that the activity continued on through the summer.  I ran my first 5k in July, and a 10k in September.  I also trained hard all summer to compete in the Guelph Lake II Duathlon.  I’m not sure any of it would have happened without the May Health kick start.

This year, I go into May Health knowing I am capable of BIG things when I put my mind to it.

With this in mind, I have 3 goals I want to accomplish this year for May Health.

1)  Cut out added sugar from my diet.  This is going to be tough.  I am a sugar lover.  Chocolate, sour candy, sweet candy, ice cream and so on.  I don’t need it, and with a family history of Diabetes, its time to cut back.  I will make an exception with sandwich bread, and my morning yogurt (both have added sugar).  Otherwise, I’m going to try to stick with only natural sources of sugar.

My New Girl2)  Walk a least 15,000 steps every day.  This will probably be the easiest of the 3 challenges, and my Fitbit One will keep me honest.  It means I will have to make an effort to get out and walk every day for about a half hour in addition to all the steps I do during a normal day.  Good habit to get into.  One I would like to continue long past the end of May.

3)  Bike 1000km in May.  This is the biggie.  This is the one that I know will test me.  But, I am up for the challenge.  I have it roughly mapped out, and luckily biking daily is something I love.  Some of the shorter rides will be with my boys on the mountain bike, and the longer ones and solo ones will be on my new girl.  I know the weather is going to play HUGE role in whether I am able to complete this or not, and I am ready to give it my all.  I really think I can do it.

So, there you have it.  My May Heath Goals.  Shouted out loud for everyone to hear.

I’m ready to get started tomorrow, and I am really looking forward to hitting my 1000km goal near the end of May.  I will watching and cheering all of you on too.

You can do it!! xo

It’s Magical

I’m not sure why, but the lens flare effect from my Helios 44-2 lens is pure magic.

Both times I have experimented with shooting towards the sunlight for an intentional flare, have had amazing and beautiful results.

Perhaps it isn’t the lens, but the location instead. Preservation Park is a rather magical spot to explore.

I think I will have to explore both options on their own before I can come to any conclusion.


Magic indeed! Ilove the colors too.


I love images like this one.

Although there is no clear subject matter, the colours and focus evoke emotion. Sometimes good, and sometimes bad.

What do you see when you look at this? How does it make you feel?


The Light Always Shines Through

Only four months in, and I can say this year has been a really tough one.

Slowly though, I am finding myself again.

I have learned that as dark as it may get, and as bleak as it may feel, the light will always shine through.

When you let yourself see it again, everything is beautiful.

The Light Always Shines Through

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