10 Things I Love About Winter

One of the best things about living in Ontario, is being able to experience all four seasons and the crazy range of weather that accompanies them.

Today we have received a mixed bag of wintery goodness in the form of a winter storm.  Snow, rain and freezing rain have made driving treacherous, and the thought of being outside undesirable.

Even so, I love the winter months.  Here are 10 Things I Love About Winter:

  1. Ice Skating.  Indoors is fun, but nothing beats being on an outdoor rink.
  2. Tobogganing.  I haven’t been in a few years, and climbing the hill is the worst part. It is always best when the hill is far too big and slightly dangerous.
  3. Good wet, sticky, packing snow.  Perfect for snowballs and snowball fights.  Also good for building snowmen too.
  4. The silence outside when snow is falling.  It is beautiful.  The whole world seems muffled and muted.
  5. Snowflakes and the way they sparkle and shine on a beautiful and sunny winter day.
  6. Puddles.  The ones that have frozen over night.  On gravel roads are the best.  The ice is right at the top and only air below.  Nothing reminds me of being a kid quite like the thrill and the crunch of stomping on a frozen puddle.
  7. Mild winter days.  Ones where the temperature is hovering just above freezing and the sun is out.  Those days when you can literally spend hours playing in the snow.
  8. Animal footprints.  They are the best when you see them in freshly fallen snow.  Always fun to try to figure out what animal left it.
  9. The way your nose and nostrils freeze on super cold days, when you inhale deeply. Bonus points if you can feel it in your lungs.
  10. Icicles that are hanging.  Especially on mild days when you can see them slowly melting and dripping.  The ones you want to watch, while keeping a safe distance because you know they could fall any minute.

Winter RoadWintery BlurIcy Window

Photographer credit goes to Owen for the two pictures taken while I was driving today. He is learning to master iPhone snapshots for me.


Minus 20 , ice skating under a brilliant moon and heading indoors for hot chocolate with frozen toes. Memories of a great childhood

Finding Time To Read

BooksI have always loved reading, but I never make the time to read.  I always want to, but somehow, I let everything else get in the way.

Eating, sleeping, working, watching TV, cleaning and even just procrastinating all get in my way.

I could easily waste an entire day inside of Chapters just looking a books.  Often if I see a book that interests me, I will take a quick picture of the cover of the book so I remember it and put it on my list to read.

Other times, I will choose a book based entirely on what the cover looks like.  I have come across amazing books this way, that I may have never otherwise looked at.

All My Friends Are SuperherosI just finished reading All My Friends are Super Heros by Andrew Kaufman.  My final book of 2014.  I chose it because I LOVED the cover art, and the story seemed interesting too.  It turned out to be one of the best books I read all year.

I think I have collected 20 or more books to read, some fiction and some business related.  I have best intentions to read them all (and to finish reading the ones I have started and not yet finished).

I have tried to find a time of day to make reading – even for just twenty minutes part of my routine.  I haven’t found the best time yet, but I am working on it.  Some daily down time sounds wonderful.

I think, based on a recommendation, I will be reading Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell next.  We will see how that goes.

In the meantime, I am hoping to get a couple more Andrew Kaufman books as well.

Everything in 2015

HEHEI won’t lie, 2014 was a very tough year for me personally.

I spent most of it mopping messes that were made the previous year.  Nothing went smoothly, and it was a bumpy ride.

Not a single member of my family was unaffected, and it took a huge toll on me.

I cried a lot.  I was angry a lot.  Everything frustrated the heck out me.  There were many days I was like a bomb, waiting to go off.

I survived it though.  I accepted my role in what had happened.  I stopped blaming myself for everything.  I started to accept that some things really were not my fault.

Slowly, I have started to heal.  It seems everyone in my family has too.

I know that there will be plenty more bumps and hiccups along the way.  I know there will be challenges that I don’t expect. I know a can do it though.

In light everything, I haven’t made any resolutions or set any concrete goals for the coming year.  A year without unnecessary pressure sounds wonderful to me.

However, this picture is EVERYTHING I want for the coming year.

Devilish smiles, and lots of laughter.  Happiness. The kind of things that should come easily.

Ignatius Jesuit Centre

Last Sunday, after a late brunch, the boys and I headed out to go exploring.  We ended up at the Ignatius Jesuit Centre.

Although I had been here a couple of times before – once with my kids, and once with Chris – I had never really taken time to explore the trails and the vast landscape.

All I can say is wow! It is such a beautiful and serene place.

Now I have to decide if I would rather spend today at The Abortetum, or back at the Jesuit Centre. Tough choice.

A Pair of PearsLittle Red Apples Grasshopper Daffodil PathTexting and AnnoyedColourful YarnWeathered

JK 61

When It All Comes Together

This is by far, my favorite time of the year.

Slowly the trees are changing colour and there is a crispness in the air.  The nights are cool, but the days are still warm and beautiful.  The kind of days that beg to be explored.

And, I have been exploring. With my camera in hand.

Moments like this one, where it all comes together are what it is all about.Flutter


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Love this. My mom comes to me as a butterfly, so it’s an extra special sight! xo