Random Thoughts Over Christmas

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. While mine was not exactly what I had hoped for, it was wonderful in all the ways I did not expect. Here are some thoughts from the past few days. 1) Shopping for Cards Against Humanity on December 23rd because you had a spur of the moment idea […]

Big Sugar – Part 2

If you’ve already read Part 1, you know I have been a Big Sugar fan for a long time. You also will know that I had never been to see them live in concert, but for my 40th birthday, my boys got me tickets to see the band live at Maxwell’s in Waterloo. My friend […]

Big Sugar – Part 1

I have been a Big Sugar fan for a long, long time. I can recall living at Omi’s house the summer I was 18, sitting in the back bedroom, watching Much Music all afternoon. That of course was when Much Music still played videos, and was the primary source for new music. This puzzled my […]

I Am Beautiful

This might be the hardest lesson I have ever had to learn. Like most of us, I don’t believe I am beautiful. I was born into a world where beauty is only skin deep, and everyone is compared to everyone else, in hopes of finding it. I read magazines with stunning models and watch TV […]