12 Months

The Big Four-Oh

Forty. Two times twenty. The big four-oh.

It came as expected, and I was surprisingly okay with it. I had expected some apprehension, because it is a BIG round number. But when the day came, I was completely okay with it. Even proud to be forty.

The amazing ladies I work with decorated my office. It was awesome, and even a little bit over the top. There was – and still is – glitter everywhere. They even had a beautiful and delicious cake, that was too pretty to not take pictures of.

On Saturday, I was reminded of the incredible people and friends I have in my life. I was surprised with a celebration at State and Main with my closest friends, my Mom and sister. Most of them came from out of town to celebrate with me.

When asked if I felt forty, I responded with “What does 40 feel like?”.

Saturday night, in downtown Guelph I got my answer. While at the Albion, 40 felt very young. It seemed to be an older crowd in the bar around 10pm when I was there. After a couple drinks, we dragged our tired asses down the street and settled for a patio table at McCabe’s in the open night air.

This was when I realized what it felt like to be forty.

In the hour we sat there, there was a steady stream of young girls walking by in crazy, barely there bodysuits. Each one seem to be more revealing than the one before it. The amount of side-boob I witnessed in a short hour was unbelievable. Hundreds of girls in bodysuits. They were paired with short tight skirts, or cut off shorts so short they might as well not be wearing them.

At 11pm we called it a night. Not sure if it was the sign of a busy day, or age. Or maybe it was because none us of could take watching the twenty-somethings walk by and not be able to cover them up.

So far, 40 is wonderful. I have great friends. REALLY great friends. I’m happy and healthy. I know what I want from life. I may not know exactly how to get it all yet, but I know I am moving in the right direction. I am okay with not being twenty, although stumbling on a bodysuit with friends for shits and giggles could be a lot fun.

Today, Owen helped me take some self portraits to celebrate my birthday. The last time I did this was when I turned 35. I have changed a lot in 5 years.

I cannot wait to see what things are like another five years from now.

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