Pocket List

I have never really liked the term “bucket list”. When looking for an alternate term to use for my own list, Owen reminded me of his Pocket List.

It originated from the television show No Tomorrow. The main characters kept an Apocalyst of things they wanted to complete before the world ended. They kept notebooks with them – often in their pockets – so they could easily add or cross the items off as they completed them. Sadly, the show ended long before the world.

Because Apocalyst and Pocket List sound similar, Owen’s own list was born.



    1. Visit Chicago
    2. Attend a Cubs game at Wrigley Field
    3. Climb the CN Tower using the stairs
    4. Get a PR and beat my 2013 Guelph Lake II Duathlon time of 2:24:43
    5. Visit Germany and learn about my roots
    6. Drive on the Autobahn
    7. Learn how to swim
    8. Go Treetop Trekking
    9. Run a 5k race in 30 minutes or less
    10. Complete a 100km bike ride
    11. Visit Hawaii
    12. See the Northern Lights
    13. Travel to Iceland
    14. Go back to New Orleans
    15. Bike from Montreal to Toronto
    16. Go camping with a Car Top Tent
    17. Complete a Spartan Sprint
    18. Take a road trip down Route 66
    19. Bake a pie – preferably peach
    20. Learn how to make Rouladen
    21. Buy a house
    22. Bike from Niagara-on-the-Lake to Niagara Falls – Completed August 14, 2017
    23. Ride in the Five Boro Bike Tour
    24. Complete the Tour de Canada
    25. Learn how to make Beef Tomato soup like they make at Toasters Diner
    26. Go kayaking
    27. Complete the 5k Resolution Run to start 2018
    28. Finally conquer this hill by bike
    29. Complete a set of 10 full push-ups
    30. Learn how to do a pull-up