35 – Don’t Quit Without Pushing For It First

This is a message for Owen. One he learned the value of today. Last week we biked from Burlington Beach, and had no destination in mind. We got pretty close to Fifty Point before we turned around. It was a great ride and we finished with 35km, but were really curious about the conservation area. […]

36 – There’s No Place Like Home

Home means something different for each and every one of us. There are several ways to define home in the dictionary, but my favorite is “a familiar or usual setting“. For some, it will always be their childhood home. For others it will be the home they built for themselves. And sometimes, home is as […]

38 – There Will Never Be A Perfect Time

Too often, we put off the things that we really want. These are things we dream of at night. The things that make us smile and laugh. The things that make us happy. The things that satisfy us. The things that fill us with hope. We put them on the back burner for any number […]

39 – Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

One of the biggest mistakes I have made in the past, is to judge people by the first impression I have of them. Let’s be honest, it is hard not to. Imagine a guy at a party drunk as a skunk. He’s drinking his face off, slurring his words and can barely stand straight. He […]