30 – Patience Is A Virtue

I am not a patient person. I don’t think I ever have been. Growing up I can recall many many times my Mom told me “Patience is a virtue Krista”. To be honest it never really meant anything to me, because I didn’t understand what she meant. As an adult it is a little clearer, […]

31 – Challenge Yourself

This one is important. Something I really want my boys to learn. Challenge yourself. Every day. Push your limits. Owen and I worked on this one recently. He set a goal of riding 50km on his bike by the end of the summer. He set it in the Spring, and I knew he would have […]

32 – There Is Nothing More Valuable Than Time

We give it to others carelessly, not knowing how they will treat it. They may cherish it, and value it. They may disregard it, and dismiss it. Either way, it is gone for good. Time is more valuable than money, friends, houses, vacations, jobs and cars. Without time, none of these things matter at all. […]

33 – Two Wheels > Four Wheels

It is no secret that there is no activity I enjoy more than getting out and exploring on my bike. Being on two wheels has given me some incredible experiences that I would not have had otherwise. Yesterday, was no exception. Owen and I biked together from Niagara-on-the-Lake, all the way to the mouth of Niagara […]

34 – Know When To Walk Away

In theory, this is so simple. Yet, few of us actually put it into practice. It could be a job or a relationship. A fight with a loved one, or something that is challenging and frustrating to us. It could be a debate with your kids. We have all been in this place. Everyone one […]