Summer’s End

I think this is one of my favourite shots from last year. I’m not even sure if I posted it anywhere, until now. I love the warmth and the colours so much. I can just feel the Autumn coming by looking at it.

fascinating photo

What a beautiful photograph this is, Krista!

Beautiful image!

Gorgeous bokeh!

Reflecting on 2012

Like any other year, there were highs and there were lows in 2012.  There was lots of happiness, and some sadness too.  There were intense days, happy days, challenging days, easy days, and downright frustration days too.  2012 was a healthy mix for me.

2012 was a great year.  Amazing times and amazing memories.  Here are a few of my favorites from the year.

Reflecting on 2012 from Krista Kruger on Vimeo.

Music: Ho Hey by The Lumineers

Diane Brown

Love the music.Pics are great but seems you left out the bestest part, where is Rob?

Love it! I especially love that picture of you in the car door at 1:52 on the slideshow. What a lovely year! BTW, I’ve never had the ability to even try a 365 project. I admire your gumption : )

Swamp Shack

Chris and I visited this house on Cityview Drive in May 2012. It is one of the few times I have had a really, really hard time finding anything beautiful.

This house had been excavated all around it, and it was a STEEP climb to the top of the hill. When we got inside, the graffiti was everywhere. It wasn’t beautiful art graffiti, it was the tasteless messy type you get from kids who are just there to trash the place. There were huge holes in the walls, and the kitchen had had a decent fire at some point.

But, there was a WOW factor to the house as well though. It was perched high above Guelph, and the front room, which I assume was a living room, had huge floor to ceiling windows. They were all boarded up when we were there, but you cold just imagine how incredible this house once was. The view would have been spectacular.

We had intended to try and make a repeat visit at some point, but someone burned the house down within a month of our visit.

Chris got the best shot from this house. It is a long exposure shot where I absently got in the frame. I appear in a very ghostly manner, which is very fitting for the location.

Biltmore Hats

Back in May my friend Chris and I headed out with plans to shoot the Biltmore Hat factory.  It had been abandoned for a few months, and demolition was imminent.  We were really hoping to get inside the facility, but no such luck.  All entrances were locked.  Instead, we shot the outside, while peering through windows and straining to see the inside.

We had planned to go back when they started demolition, as you could get inside at that point.  But again, no such luck.


I have been experimenting with textures lately.  Learning how to apply them and blend them.  Learning how to use masking.  Learning what looks best with what picture.

I have also been playing with my Lensbaby Composer a little bit more.  I received 3 new optics for it from Santa, and it reminded me how much fun creative photography could be.

None of these shots were taken with textures in mind.  In fact, until the were cropped and edited and adjusted the way I wanted, the thought of adding a texture never crossed my mind.  Making them into art was not the plan.  But it happened.

I have to thank Kim Klassen and Joel Olives for all the lovely textures.

I honestly cannot wait to create some more photo-art.

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These are gorgeous! They look like they could be CD covers. Do they even make CD’s anymore? Whatever. They look rad.