May Health

This year, I decided to take part in May Health here in Guelph.  This is the second year it has run, and it was facilitated by the amazing Dr. Mark Kubert and equally incredible Dr. Julie Gill at Clear Path Chiropractic.

It was simple.  I chose something I could commit to for 30 days.  Something that would improve my health and well-being. Something that I could  be accountable for.

Then, I made sure EVERYONE knew my challenge.

The more support I could get from family and friends, the better my chances of being successful.  Of course, Twitter was a huge source of support.  The Guelph Twitter community proved to be a constant source of friendship and support.

My primary challenge for the month of May was to be active each and every day.  For me this included biking, running, walking and of course photo hikes with my camera. And, I did well.

Out of 30 days, I was out and being active for 24 of them.  Not quite the results I wanted, but far better than I expected.  In the month of may, I logged an incredible 224.2 km of activity!

This included: 9.9 km hiking, 44.5 km walking, 123.0 km biking and 46.7 km running.

Yes, there were days that I was exhausted.  And, as the month wore on, even with all the cheering and encouragement, my ambition dwindled and died out a little bit.

My secondary challenge was to stop drinking coffee.  This was a complete success, but very difficult to do.  I found that around 9:30 am, I was itching for a coffee.  With a Tim Horton’s barely a minute walk from my desk, the temptation was powerful.

I did it though.  The need for coffee is really a need to get up and outside.  Instead of coffee, I would get up and get milk.  A much more satisfying option for me.

With May Health drawn to a close, I am looking forward to June.  I am going to continue to challenge and push myself.

I want to cruise past 224.2 km.  I want to get to 250 km in June.  I want to increase the bike ride distance I can do to 25 km. (Right now, I can do 15 km comfortably.)

I also want to keep a closer eye on the food I am eating.  Unfortunately, the healthiest choices are not the easiest, and too often I find myself reaching for the easiest things.

All in all, I am really proud of myself.  May Health was an incredibly positive experience for me.  A huge thank you goes out to Julie and Mark for making this all possible, and creating the most amazing and supportive community!

Now, onto June!  It is going to be an awesome month!

P.S. Doesn’t my t-shirt kick ass?

Spring Blossoms

It has been a long hard winter.

In respects to photography, it seems my inspiration was completely lost. Carrying my camera became a crazy chore, and although I did always have it with me, most of the shots I took over the past few months were for work.

Thankfully the Spring has FINALLY arrived again, and things are looking a little more cheerful.

I am fortunate enough to have this coming week off, which is supposed to be beautiful, and will have plenty of time to get out and enjoy the Spring blossoms.

Wonderful details!

Trudging Through The Snow

I know it has been a while, but I finally got out with my camera today.

I met up with some friends at McLean’s Auto Wreckers, and trudged through the snow and cold for about an hour and a half.  It was my second winter visit to the junk yard, and this time I was very interested in all the details.

It was a great way to spend a Saturday morning.

Summer’s End

I think this is one of my favourite shots from last year. I’m not even sure if I posted it anywhere, until now. I love the warmth and the colours so much. I can just feel the Autumn coming by looking at it.

fascinating photo

What a beautiful photograph this is, Krista!

Beautiful image!

Gorgeous bokeh!

Reflecting on 2012

Like any other year, there were highs and there were lows in 2012.  There was lots of happiness, and some sadness too.  There were intense days, happy days, challenging days, easy days, and downright frustration days too.  2012 was a healthy mix for me.

2012 was a great year.  Amazing times and amazing memories.  Here are a few of my favorites from the year.

Reflecting on 2012 from Krista Kruger on Vimeo.

Music: Ho Hey by The Lumineers

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Diane Brown

Love the music.Pics are great but seems you left out the bestest part, where is Rob?

Love it! I especially love that picture of you in the car door at 1:52 on the slideshow. What a lovely year! BTW, I’ve never had the ability to even try a 365 project. I admire your gumption : )