27 – Listen To Your Body

Today was the day. Right now I should be getting my are ready at Guelph Lake, preparing to race in the Duathlon. It should be my fifth one, and I was supposed to beat my personal best time that I set in 2013 of 2:24:43 – which was my first Duathlon ever and on a […]

28 – Be You

One of the hardest things to be. Yet, one of the most rewarding. The thing is, if you aren’t really sure who you are, how can you be you? On even the best days, I am not always sure who I am. If I break it down, I am a Mom, a daughter, a sister, […]

29 – Money Does Not Buy Happiness

I learned this lesson fairly early in life. I was young and a single Mom. I was working at Zellers and making about $15,000 a year. This was hardly enough for a single person to live on, let alone raise a child. I did not have a lot of money, but Connor and I had […]

30 – Patience Is A Virtue

I am not a patient person. I don’t think I ever have been. Growing up I can recall many many times my Mom told me “Patience is a virtue Krista”. To be honest it never really meant anything to me, because I didn’t understand what she meant. As an adult it is a little clearer, […]

31 – Challenge Yourself

This one is important. Something I really want my boys to learn. Challenge yourself. Every day. Push your limits. Owen and I worked on this one recently. He set a goal of riding 50km on his bike by the end of the summer. He set it in the Spring, and I knew he would have […]