20 – The Sun Rises Every Day

Life is heavy and difficult. Just when you think you have it figured out, something comes from the middle of nowhere and kicks you down a peg. Sometimes, it is just a minor set back. You bounce back like nothing happened. Other times everything you know and believed in vanishes, and you are left back […]


He left last night Without saying a thing But I know the words were there On the tip of his tongue Dancing around Waiting to be said – July 31, 2000

Men Are Perverts

I have been thinking about writing this all day. The feminist inside of me has been fraught and frustrated, struggling with how to word this so that I do not offend anyone. This morning I had this conversation with my twelve year old son. O: “Mom, did you know there is a different dress code […]

Read It: Cross The Line by James Patterson

It has been a long time since I have read an Alex Cross murder mystery, so when a co-worker lent me this book, I was intrigued. I have always liked James Patterson novels, but my interest in them seemed to die along with my membership in the Doubleday Book Club. (Surprisingly it STILL exists.) Just […]