40 Things

2017 is a BIG year for me. I turned 40 on September 15th.

For the 40 days leading up to my birthday, I am writing a series of essays to cover the important lessons I have learned about life so far. Things I hope my boys read, and can use for guidance as they get older.


  1. I am beautiful.
  2. The sun rises every day.
  3. Running is hard but rewarding.
  4. Love is hard.
  5. Everyone is smart in their own way.
  6. Lies hurt everyone.
  7. Trust your gut.
  8. The best friends are the one that are there when you need them the most.
  9. Listen to your body.
  10. Be you.
  11. Money does not buy happiness.
  12. Patience is a virtue.
  13. Challenge yourself.
  14. There is nothing more valuable than time.
  15. Two wheels >  four wheels.
  16. Know when to walk away.
  17. Don’t quit without pushing for it first.
  18. There’s no place like home.
  19. Red wine is best when consumed in moderation.
  20. There will never be a perfect time.
  21. Never judge a book by its cover.
  22. It is important to have a creative outlet.