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40 – It Is Important To Have A Creative Outlet

Once upon a time, I had a blog.  Two of them in fact.

The first one was called Little Moments. I set out to create a photoblog. Through it I learned a lot about blogging, websites and even some coding. After 2 years, I realized that there was something missing from the site though. ME. I wanted it to convey who I was, not just showcase my pictures.

So naturally, next came kristakruger.com. I started it in 2010, and I blogged a lot. Sometimes daily. I upgraded the site a few times, tried different themes and learned as much as I could about what I was doing. It was something I was very proud of.

I shared pictures and stories. Sometimes my pictures alone were enough to tell the stories. I vented and shared my pain. I wrote about happy times, vacation times and exciting times. My blog was about me, and for me. It was my creative outlet.

Then life got busier. My job changed, my life changed, my boys were growing up and creating havoc at times, and I decided running and racing was something I needed to do. In addition to all of this, my laptop was getting old, and made the entire process of blogging – from writing to editing pictures – very frustrating. I no longer had extra time or even will to keep it up.

I tried to fill the void with Instagram (and Twitter and Facebook). While they are all great places to microblog, and very visual, I never found a suitable replacement.

So, here we are – kristakruger.com 2.0. A new look and a completely fresh start. Blank pages ready to be filled with photos, writing and creativity.

I am counting down the days until my 40th birthday with 40 Things.

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