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35 – Don’t Quit Without Pushing For It First

This is a message for Owen. One he learned the value of today.

Last week we biked from Burlington Beach, and had no destination in mind. We got pretty close to Fifty Point before we turned around. It was a great ride and we finished with 35km, but were really curious about the conservation area.

Today we headed out again, and Owen wanted to head back to Burlington to complete the ride to Fifty Point. We made sure we had snacks with us, and ate along the way because we weren’t certain how long we would be out there.

The ride started really well, and everything was great until about the 10km mark. O decided he was giving up and could not go any further. He was determined to head back to the car. I pushed him to keep going. He cried, yelled and refused. It was pretty ugly.

When the temper tantrum eased, we talked and decided to bike 5 km more and then turn around and head back. It was reasonable to both of us, since we had come a long way for this ride.

From that point on he was happy and excited to be riding. When we got to the 15km mark which was our turn-around, he chose to keep going. I asked Owen at every km after that if he wanted to turn around, and he was now determined to make it to Fifty Point.

We made it, and rode around the conservation area, and then all the way back to Burlington. A whopping 49km ride – my longest this year, and the longest Owen has ever done.

We talked about it afterwards, and the importance of pushing through and not quitting, even when we have convinced ourselves it is the only option. The goal to make it to Fifty Point would have never been reached if he gave in and quit.

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