40 Things

31 – Challenge Yourself

This one is important. Something I really want my boys to learn.

Challenge yourself. Every day. Push your limits.

Owen and I worked on this one recently. He set a goal of riding 50km on his bike by the end of the summer. He set it in the Spring, and I knew he would have more than enough time to reach his goal. Plus, he was already riding 25km to 30km with me a few times a month.

We signed up for our first ride, and completed the Tour de Guelph 25km ride on June 25th. We biked to the starting line, rode our 25km and biked back home again. In all we hit nearly 40km for the day, which was amazing considering the number of hills we faced during the day.

We decided almost right after that to ride in the Tour de Norfolk on July 16th. We signed up and rode in the 40km ride, which was the next logical step for us at that point. Even though we were tired that day, we completed the ride in good time, and Owen was inching closer to his goal.

Finally we signed up to ride in the 3 Port Tour 50km ride on August 19th. This was the big one. We knew it would be hard, so we spent all last week out on riding adventures to prepare us for the day. Toronto Island, Niagara Falls and Hamilton are some of the best places we rode to prepare.

Last Saturday was one of the best days I have spent with Owen. I got to see my son reach the goal he challenged himself with. I may have pushed him along the way, but he is the one who did it. I have never been more proud of him.

Now, we are looking for our next biking adventure, and already thinking about the upcoming 2018 ride season. There are so many things we could do together, to challenge ourselves.

I am counting down the days until my 40th birthday with 40 Things.

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