The past couple of weeks have been full with work, and a lot more partying than I am used to.

The last two Saturdays have been full of friends and fun and late, late nights.  Way past my bed time kind of late nights.  A couple of 4 in the morning kind of late nights.

Two weeks ago I took part in a cookie exchange with the wonderful ladies I work with.  There was fun and tons of food.  We drank mimosas and martinis, and had pudding shooters too.  The best part of the night was ending it playing Rockband until 4am.  It seems that at that ungodly hour, with just enough alcohol in the blood stream, my voice is heavenly.

Last weekend was my Christmas party at the Cambridge Mill.  The dinner was delicious, and the red wine went down way too smoothly.  I danced,  I laughed and had fun taking pictures of the party.  It was a fantastic way to celebrate the season with coworkers and friends.

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Busy…fun – couple of holiday weeks!