Can’t Go Back

Since taking You Are Your Own Muse last winter, I have dabbled on and off with self-portrait photography.

Today, I got in front of the camera again.  I didn’t get what I was looking for, but this shot MAY just be my favorite self-portrait to date.

Yup…  I LOVE it.

You can see all my recent self-portraits here.

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your self-portrait work really is so stunning and very unique.
i really love seeing what you have done in the past year….

I see no reason why this shouldn’t become your favorite. :)
It turned out stunning…

Fantastic self-portrait. Love that it tells so much..and yet so little all at once and the same time.

I love the focus on your hair with that one eye peering out at us.

Great self-portrait!

You inspire to try one myself.

What a journey it has been since your first try! Here I see you losing your self consciousness and instead being able to PLAY. lovely

loved that look!