It has been a beautiful week here, and I have spent a ton of time outside.  I only have a few more weeks before the boys start baseball, and I want to take as much in right now as I possibly can.

Although work has been insane, I have done my best to escape for lunch every day and enjoy some time along the river.  It is always so much fun to watch the Spring start to bloom.  I find everything changes, just a bit, every day. 

It has also been a ton of fun to watch the wildlife this week too.  Spring has definitely hit some of them, as they are obviously twitterpated.  Squirrels and chickadees, and red winged blackbirds too.

I also saw the beavers again, which are always amazing.  There were turtles, frogs and even a couple of snakes.  I’m pretty sure I saw a muskrat swimming, and some pretty big fish jumping out of the river.  Of course, I can’t forget the ducks, geese and abundance of loud and obnoxious seagulls.

Even though the wildlife was awesome this week, this is what caught me, and made me think.

I saw this bottle on one of my walks along the river.  For some reason, it really grabbed my attention.  I really thought it looked like it should be carrying a message.  It was floating so carefree, and bobbing every so slightly with the ripples in water.

Imagine the things you could write, and send off in a bottle, effectively getting them off your chest.  Perhaps you could rid yourself of the burden of carrying them with you.  Maybe you could just share a small piece of yourself with the random stranger who found your little treasure.  Or, it could be the vessel you choose to share your deepest and most personal secrets. 

Oh, the possibilities.

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Love that thought about putting thoughts and feelings into a bottle and sending them off somewhere, great idea.

I too love the idea of putting a message in a bottle.

I would write the things I am afraid to say in my bottle. That my head does not always feel like a nice place to live. That I wish I could send it away in a bottle…..

Hi Krysta….what a find and only you could tun this into a fantastic photo….did you find a message in your treasured bottle.

We have lost our Krysta a few weeks ago….come visit to see “Her Last Sunset”
She was one of the world’s Great Krysta’s.:-)

a very nice find …. ! very cool