Snakes, Cockroaches and Chickadees

Today was Owen’s birthday party.


The party was at the Guelph Lake Nature Centre, and was so much fun! 

We held Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches (ewwww!) and a Python too! (Yes, I had it around my shoulders!)  We also went on the grounds for a hike, and had Chickadees eating seed from the top of our heads and out of our hands as well!

Of course, there was cake and presents too.  That won’t be what everyone remembers though.

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Wow what a great day and lets hope its a great night without the nightmares. I was ok ,sorta with everything but those roaches I just right now had a shiver. Great images from the day


What great pictures! I’m sorry we missed it…

Gorgeous photos, even the roach!