Happy New Year!

Last year I made a resolution I wasn’t sure I could keep. I resolved to stop using my Mastercard at Tim Hortons.  I used it a few times a week, for small amounts.  This left me with several small charges every month, and if I wasn’t careful, it could really add up.

Now, this resolution couldn’t be taken lightly.  Right beside where I work lies a Tim Hortons, and during the mid morning coffee/snack break it is far too easy to head over.  I do not carry cash very often, and up until a month ago Timmies didn’t take debit.  The temptation to use the Mastercard was overwhelming at times.

I am proud to say I made it though.  One full year.  And, from this comes my resolution for this year:

I resolve to not have Timmie’s coffee, soup, tea, hot chocolate, sandwiches or evil donuts for one full year. I will not spend ANY money inside one of their coffee shops.

Once again, this will be far easier said than done, but I am confident I can make it.  It is not anything against Timmies,  I’m just tired of the CRAZY addiction.  I’m also tired of wasting so much money.  Wish me luck!

I also have some goals for the year.  In addition to loosing weight (isn’t that everyones resolution), these are things I am shooting for:

1)  I want to stop biting my nails.  This has been a life long habit, and I have had small bouts of success in recent years.

2)  I want to double the amount in my savings account.  It isn’t much, so it shouldn’t be hard.

3)  I want to learn the lyrics to the song Battleflag by the Lo Fidelity Allstars.  I know it’s silly, but I’d love to know the whole song.

4)  I want to make it to a handful of Toronto Blue Jay’s games.  I haven’t been in two years and miss the atmosphere of the ballpark.

5)  I have started to enjoy loose leaf tea, and I would like to try something new EVERY week.  52 weeks of delicious tea.  Thanks to Rob for the starter at Christmas.  Best tea ever!

6)  I would like to get out to 3 concerts this year.  I love music, and it has been a while since I went to one.

7)  I want to pack a lunch to take to work every day.  No exceptions.  (This one is going to hard for me!)

8)  As a family, we have decided to only eat out ONE TIME every month for 2011.  (This too is going to be really hard!)

9)  I will add an about page to my blog.

Before I wrap up, I want to share one of my proud moments of the season with you:

This is the Christmas card we sent out this year.  We had them made with my picture, and when I saw it sitting on the mantle at my Dad’s house, I couldn’t help but take a shot.  It was a bit of a pride moment for me.

I hope you had a safe and happy holiday season, and I wish you all the best in 2011!

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Good luck with all your goals and you should be proud of your Christmas card it was and is beautiful.

First of all, Krista, I LOVE your Christmas card. Congratulations. I hope you make your own card every year! You definitely can and should. You have the talent, the gift!

Secondly, congratulations on all your goals for 2011…each one doable in and of itself. I like that they are sensible goals and ones that can be met…even if just half the time, they will be a step in the right direction. I look forward to a year from now when you can tell us how you did. Perfection is not the goal but making steps in the right direction!

Tim Horton’s!! A flashback from my Canadian roots!!! Thanks for your visit and comment. Nice to meet other fellow photographers!

I love your Christmas card. Beautifully done and something to be so proud of. Wishing you much happiness in 2011.

Love this card, its the only one I saved from this year.

love your resolutions and happy you are holding true to them.
what a lovely family.

happy new year…

kerry from boston