Thank you to everyone who took a moment and shared a piece of themselves this past week. 

It feels so good when you reach out, and actually find someone to connect with.


This is my favorite picture from my first roll of film in the AE-1 last week.

It fills me with hope and happiness.

I think this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship.

Me, and MY AE-1.

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There is a part of me that tells me to be happy for you, and yet the other part is soooo jealous and that is why last week said that you are better off then some. It seems that your Dad loved you and showed it. I had unfortunately a father who didn’t give a damn about me or my 3 siblings. As they say life goes on and so it did, but it never got better. Try as I might, he would never accept my affections, even at my wedding. As a daughter you can never accept that indifference, but I tried. When he died, my mother made it pretty clear she would not be happy and could not understand why we would want to go to his funeral. So here I am today with regrets for him not loving us and for not going to his funeral. Figure that one out, I never will. I am glad for you that you have found some peace, us children deserve it….

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The colours are simply beautiful! I love this.

Beautiful colors and composition. There is something special about film, makes me want to dig out my old cameras. Hope you have lots of fun with your AE-1.

I love this! I love the colors and the texture of the grain.

Love the film.

Amazing photo and all the more knowing it’s film. The color palette is gorgeous.

a lovely photo

Pure tranquility in pixels, congratulations!

This is a beautiful photo, Krista. I can see that there were deep emotions coming from both sides of the camera.